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It has been a great and gracious pleasure to see Michelle evolve from student to practitioner to minister.

Now we get to not just be peers, but prayer partners, soul sisters & friends.

When I met Michelle she was struggling, but I saw her beautiful and rich soul and knew what was coming……

Little did I know she is so much more than that NOW.

She is a powerful teacher, practitioner and leader in our field.

She brings spirituality to a high level.

I call it high, because it is REAL and RAW and RICH!

She brings an authenticity that raises up those who sit at her feet.

She is profoundly dedicated to serving humanity with her unique brand of teaching, serving and leading.

The Rev. Dr. Frankie Timmers

Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living Morristown in Morristown, NJ


Rev. Michelle progressively opened for me the floodgates to the reservoir of who and what I really Am. From the early foundational courses to practitioner studies she held me ( and all others) in her compassionate yet encouraging and sometimes demanding arms. She would never allow me to settle for less than my authentic and powerful Self. She saw my God-potential long before I could catch a glimpse. My love of learning could have kept me in my head except for the fact that Michelle is the perfect living model for the integration of philosophy and science through our heart.


Her Radical Release Method, Power through Authenticity and No Mud, No Lotus programs continue to integrate her growing understanding, respect and love for our beloved philosophy. Michelle’s audacious explorations, development and cultivation of Science of Mind skills has exemplifies Dr. Holmes declaration that we are an “Open at the Top” philosophy. She is that!


Knowing that I am a work in process, she has equipped me to be the healed consciousness that recognizes the perfection in all people and all of life. Her compassionate guidance through the dark shadows into Light has allowed me to uncover the gifts that all of life have provided. Because I recognize my gifts, strengths and Truth, I am able to help others uncover that brilliant Perfection within themselves.  Thank you, Michelle!  Infinitely grateful and blessed,

Dr. Elaine L. De Mars, RScP

Michelle encourages and challenges her students to shed old, limiting beliefs and move into the sphere of possibility. She LIVES her faith and it shows. In her presence, I always feel safe and loved.

SJ Weber, PhD, retired professor


The five minute miracle with Rev. Michelle
I met Michelle in an on-line class she offered to help practitioners broaden their skill levels. During one session she asked for a volunteer which I did as I had a current issue that was bothering me. In a very short period of time Rev. Michelle guided me to discover what the self defeating belief was, where it came from, and how forgiveness could dissolve the strings attached.
I was ready for a resolution to this reoccurring behavior of getting angry and Rev. Michelle was the perfect practitioner/teacher to guide me into discovering and releasing. Following that session snippets of past experience floated by to verify the tremendous negative affect this false belief had on me and my behaviors/beliefs. Now I am free. My self confidence has increased as my fear of rejection has seriously declined or perhaps dissolved all together.
I am free to be myself in all situations.
Thank you Reverend Michelle for your guidance in resolving an issue that had a long time hold on me. I look forward to more time with you. I also know that you’re there for me as a practitioner ready to teach and guide me to be the best I can be. I appreciate your honest sharing of your experience and education as a practitioner/minister and your willingness to share that with us.

Melinda Mutch / Affirmative Spiritual Practitioner

Sonoran Desert Center for Spiritual Living, Arizona

Dear Rev. Michelle:


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of participating in your "Lotus" class the past 4 weeks. It/you caused me to realize that I still have more forgiveness/healing work to do and gave me some tools with which to continue that inner work.

This was my first on-line interactive class, and I found it wonderfully engaging and moving. Thank you for the service you provide to us in the SOM family,

Sandy . Sandy Minnesang, RScP

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