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Silent NO MORE

To those who care and who read my words,

I cannot at this time open my mouth unless that which comes out is meaningful. In our lifetime, whoever we are, we have seen enough evidence of stupidity, ignorance, blame, shame and pain deflected onto innocents and a world populated with those who simply do not know how to manage their inner world. In reaction to their inner turmoil, those individuals lash out. We witness this collective inner turmoil out-pictured in the world as chaos and cruelty in addition to natural calamities and man caused disasters in our world and in our financial foundation. Ignorance and greed are alive and well.

I can no longer be the minister who is “NICE”. Perhaps, my niceness has allowed for too much unconscious behavior in my own community. My unwillingness to offend may have made room for people to go to asleep. My fear of saying the wrong thing has possibly allowed individuals to not challenge their belief system. In other words, I may have been quietly complicit in the insanity that we are currently witnessing today. My silence could be part of the problem even though, in my heart I care so deeply. I am learning that my good intentions are useless and often leave me in ignorant non-action.

Plainly said: I denounce any politician, public figure, or person of power who does not turn away from (repent) any behaviors, decisions or voting rights that allow for the ignorance to continue even if, that power is their financial reach.

Human rights are not a platform – they are our natural rights. I cannot, will not, sit back and be quiet anymore and I cannot even say that I am sorry if you are uncomfortable with that, because I am not. If you feel confronted, deal with it. Do your work. Lift yourself up. Educate yourself. And for God’s sake use what you have learned from the Center to do so.

How? Start the most committed set of spiritual practices that you have ever taken on before. Choose to apply all that I/we have taught at the Center. Grow your light and your love.

How? Practice forgiveness of yourself and ALL others until you feel the full freedom that forgiveness affords you. As we practice forgiveness individually, we will find a way through the collective forgiveness that is so necessary. It is necessary because we must learn from the past and not allow it to define our current way of being. All of life is reverent but until you do not have a negative reaction to BLACK LIVES MATTER, you have something inside to heal. Heal it, the world needs YOU whole.

How? Heal your internal unrest and clean up your shadow. Your shadow is tripped by the collective shadow but the only way we can heal the collective is through the individual effort.

How? No one can take your good from you; stop being afraid that there is not enough. Scarcity is a lie told to us to cause us to compete, turn against each other, and deny each other.

How? Learn to love yourself completely as you are and as you are not. Let it grow you until you can look at all humans through those same eyes of love. And then turn that love into an action. Yes, be an Activist of Love - a ridiculous, relentless Activist of Love.

Remember, this is not a stand against any one individual unless any one individual uses their power to enslave and limit the rights of our brothers and sisters. This is a stand for all of humanity to have the right to exist and excel in perfect equality with all others.

We will never know the full realization of Oneness until we generate that love through our speaking, our listening, and our being. Please, please do not let the current unrest be unmet. Meet it with your Love.

Michelle Wadleigh, Human, Lover Rev. Michelle Wadleigh, Founding Spiritual Leader of CSL North Jersey/ /


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