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Don’t you just love typos! I know I do. I love typos because when I find them in print, I get to feel so superior. And that feeling of superiority is most certainly a bit addictive. The time I enjoy it the most is when I find it in a highly edited book. Oh my, yes, I must be wonderful and smart if little old me can find a typo in this serious book.

BUT THEN, oh my, when I am on the other side of those good ol’ typos. Yikes! Well, here’s the truth, I make mistakes! How about you? Do you make mistakes? Are you horrified or amused by your mistakes? Do you see them as forgivable, or do you hang your head in shame? OR, are you one of those people who believe in perfection so much that you edit, edit, and have someone else edit, so that there is no chance that there is an error.

Does needing to do things perfectly STOP you from trying? This is the part that is most concerning to me. When one won’t allow themselves to try in the face of the fear of public humiliation or failure. The beautiful thing about not trying is that you can never fail, the other side of not failing is that you are missing the stimulus that taking risks and making mistakes affords you. Growth and success live in the risk taking. Success at anything is accomplished only after hundreds upon hundreds of hours of dedicated effort.

I am NOT a writer, yet, I write. I am not a real author, yet, I have authored four books. My writing skills are less then wonderful, for that reason I do have my material edited and yet mistakes happen anyway – even in my books that I paid to have edited. Professionals make mistakes. I am, however, a teacher and for this reason I look at my mistakes with a smile on my face and invite you to do the same. Look at the mistakes NOT as that which blocks you from your creative expression, but as stepping stones to refining your skills.

In closing, it is good to not take yourself too seriously. If writing and conveying a message in print is important enough to you, you will improve by paying attention to your mistakes, by asking questions, or a variety of other methods.

DON’T RESTRICK YOU’RE MASSAGE BECSUE YOU MAKE MASTICKS. Have fun with yourself, learn to laugh at yourself, and learn to love all of you, even the TYPOs.

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