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Leave yesterday THERE!

So much of the pain that you feel has been lodged in your body temple and your subconscious. All of it is buried so deep you have been unaware of its existence. Some of it has integrated into your muscles causing unexplained pain that sends you flying to the medical industry for care and pain relief. The pain, which has landed in your subconscious, informs your psyche, your decisions about life, your self-concept, and all of this happens at an unconscious level until the time comes that you raise your self-awareness.

Unaware and unpracticed in the art and science of metaphysics, some individuals turn to solutions of form to meet the demand to be relieved of pain. This is understandable, but it can also jumpstart a pattern that can cause one to surrender their personal power over to doctors, medication, and procedures, some of which can be avoided if one learns and practices the natural and spiritual healing arts.

Where does all this pain come from? Most often, it comes from yesterday, it comes from the stories we hold on to and identify with, it comes when we judge and blame ourselves and others instead of practicing taking responsibility and practicing forgiveness. Now, it is true that some of the pain of which I speak has been stored within our psyche, our subconscious, and our muscles for a long time and is not easily excavated but it is possible. You can free yourself of your history. I suggest that you contact a practitioner of the healing arts for support though or participate in a class or group focused on this kind of freedom.

These changes need your time, attention, and commitment, in other words – discipline. That which challenges you has been gathered over time, don’t expect that it will be cleared up overnight. It requires your commitment and dedication.

Take time now to consider practicing this one thing that remains underappreciated and yet it is simple and gentle. Learn to Live Now. The pain of the past and its influences exist because we drag the past into this now moment, because we retell the stories, because we subscribe to the past, keeping it very much alive. Begin to practice gratitude for everything in your life. If you can read this post, it indicates your capabilities, that you have a computer, or access to one, and that you are free to read such material. Ground yourself daily. Look around, take note of the moment, the air you are breathing, your surroundings, and the beating of your heart. Practice being judgment free. You will never be totally free of judging, but the movement toward it will allow you to see your mind and tendencies. Ask yourself this: what am I feeling now? Again, get present to NOW.

This practice is not a solution to the current chaotic state of affairs in our world. It is a practice that will empower you to be more present and potent, and less at the mercy of what was. If you desire to make a difference, you will be made stronger by this practice. LEAVE YESTERDAY THERE, today is where you live and where your power is.

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