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Can I Come Out Yet?

It is not surprising that we want to crawl into bed, pull the covers over our head and just wish away the dread and the deeds of humanity. It is not unreasonable for anyone to go numb and make a spiritual practice out of avoidance. The current onslaught of what is happening all around us is more than any one human should be asked to bear. Self-care and understanding is required. Educate yourself about: Compassion Fatigue. This is an important subject at times such as these. Remember you cannot satisfy anyone’s thirst from an empty well; fill your well if you want to make a difference.

While conscious communities work toward raising the level of consciousness around racism, homophobia, white supremacy and the non-climate change (sarcasm) and so much more, we cannot deny the emotional and energetic impact of taking a stand. And, while we might demand that society wake up to human rights issues, one of which recently brought this writer to El Paso, Texas to stand with Faith Leaders from around the country, we should not do so without providing the tools to stay safe, healthy and grounded.

It is extremely disconcerting when our efforts feel futile. For those who have marched, held vigils, and written congress or taken other active roles and NOTHING APPEARS TO HAVE CHANGED, the feeling of being ineffective has another kind of impact upon one's well-being! This can either build your resolve or it can leave you feeling helpless. Humans feel best when we can see and measure the fruits of our labor.

So, if you are feeling sad and overwhelmed (or if you go numb) because of the state of our country’s affairs, or if you are emotionally drained by the constant assault from the news feed, take heed and take care. As stated above, one cannot give from an empty well. Only some people will feel fed by their righteous indignation, for the rest who feel taxed and drained, taking time for personal care and refueling is necessary.

Some simple tips of what you can do to survive these times and refuel:

  • Take time for spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation and silence.

  • Journal - journal about why you care and why you are willing to take action. This will fuel you when you are tired and disenchanted.

  • Be around community, one that feeds you spiritually and emotionally.

  • Talk to friends who can care for you without inciting more upset.

  • Get a massage.

  • Take time in silence.

  • Walk, if possible, in a park around the green of nature. Nature is very healing.

  • Work with a prayer practitioner, spiritual coach, or other such support.

  • Have a session with a reiki practitioner, eft practitioner or with someone offering another healing modality that you trust.

  • Do yoga daily or other forms of exercise.

  • Spend time with your family, children and grandchildren. They are why we are motivated to take action to begin with.

These practices offer an important balance to the effort it takes to care. Stay full, stay healthy. The world needs those who care to come out and stay engaged.

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