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Parenting & Science of Mind

Once we give birth, we want, wish, hope, dream, beg, pray and if necessary, cajole the Gods of our belief system just to know that our children are and will be okay. Those of us practicing the Science of Mind, have a complicated idea to be committed to, because we only want freedom of mind and life expression for our children. And if this is so, we cannot demand or require that they follow us into our Centers. Since we are a teaching without sin or directed shame, all we can do is the very best that we can as we push them out of the nest and trust that Spirit as them will guide, support and carry them forward.

By the way, knowing this doesn’t stop us from secretly hoping that they do follow us!

I write this article today for every parent and grandparent who are rearing a loved one or who have reared a loved one within one of our Centers. I am a mother of three and no role is more important to me. At times, I have known the excruciating pain of parenting and the bliss that is also afforded.

My youngest son, Seth, now twenty-three is a product of this teaching. This blog is to share a couple of stories that recently occurred. (Some details are omitted.) My intention is to offer encouragement for those parents who are trying to figure out how to move through the responsibility of parenting while practicing their spiritual path. Seth would not now or ever identify himself as religious or even spiritual, even though all who watched him through the years, could easily recognize the strength of God as him as we watched his character develop and express.

Being a P.K. (“Preachers Kid”), he had to share me with a lot of people and deal with all that comes with being the child of the pastor. Often a lot of pressure was placed on him either in the form behavioral expectations, academics or being a source of love. It was not uncommon for me to run interference for people wanting a hug from this little being of light, while telling him it was okay to say “no.”

Seth recently left the basement living space of my home to venture out on his own. He made the move on Mother’s Day weekend! Okay, bad choice of timing, but it was also the weekend of his 23rd birthday. It was time. He was ready. Mama had to grow up and let go.

Last night on my way home from work, he called for my advice. Now, this in and of itself is a feather in his cap and a proud moment for me. It is an indicator that I parented in a way that he feels safe to ask for support and honors my opinion, especially since he knows who I am and how I show up in the world. It means that he is confident and steady enough within himself to ask. Now, of course, I am not going to tell you the focus of the conversation but what I want to share with you is that the mutual safety, respect for each other and his wanting to be conscious in the world was apparent and powerful. If he wanted to be unconscious, he would not have called me, he would have just belly-ached to a colleague. But he didn’t, he called Mom, the minister, whose entire focus in life is emotional health and consciousness.

Clearly, the teaching reached his soul and his heart.

Now this is not the only time this type of conversation has happened. Awhile back, just before he was readying himself to leave the house, we had lunch together. On our way home, while discussing another work situation, he turned to me and said, “Thank you Mom, for my emotional health.” (mic drop) I know - what twenty-three-year-old says this? The type that is exposed to the Science of Mind, that kind!

And this is the point here, do everything you can to keep your children exposed to this Science of Mind Teaching and all that the Centers for Spiritual Living have to offer. You might not be able to always see it or measure it, but it is there. The influence seeped in. How you are, how you treat and engage your children is all part of the evolution of life. Happy, grounded and conscious children are good for humanity.

Remember there is no private good and your children are part of that. Love them exactly as they are - always. The rewards will follow you all the days of your life and their lives.

And by the way, my son is an accountant working toward his CPA. I didn’t see that coming, I assure you.

Like I said, love them exactly as they are.

And so it is!


I will follow-up this blog with some metaphysical parenting tips.

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