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Being Evolution

To my Caldwell, New Jersey Community in Caldwell, and to anyone who follows my work or reads my blog:

Please read and watch.

This is my contribution to a wonderful, informative and stimulating webinar that I just viewed - the same one I am requesting that you watch.

Today, amid a very busy day, I chose to invest 56 minutes to listen to this extremely powerful webinar produced by five Leaders of our Science of Mind Movement. (I am purposefully not using any adjectives regarding age or “up-and-coming.” They are current leaders in our movement, including:

Nick Hemmert, RScP of Mile High, Colorado, Rev. Brian Akers, Oneness CSL Columbia, Rev. Abigail Schairer, CSL Seattle, Amanda Ganley, RScP licensed with CSL New Mexico, Rev. Michael Masando, also with Mile High, Colorado

Throughout my time as the Spiritual Director of CSL North Jersey, I have broached the subject of freedom, equality, sexual abuse, diversity, inclusivity, equal rights and human rights dozens and dozens of times. Some of you have listened or read my writings with interest and some have disagreed, argued, left and, thank God returned, all in reaction to the subjects presented.

I am requesting that you watch this video via the link provided and read this article thoroughly, mindfully and with a wide birth of awareness of the impact that you, your reactions, your words and your engagement have. And then to know that you are absolutely an important part of the evolution of life. Throughout 2019, although we, CSLNJ, did not participate in the global theme this year, we, through our very own theme have been generating great conversations and calling for change as agents of change. The video is our conversation on steroids.

You and I are part of the incremental change/the evolution of which they speak. For years, I have requested that you, my community, identify what aspects of life/the world/your life, ministry would most like to impact. Watch, as these practitioners and ministers, encourage us in a mindful way to be willing not only to be in the conversation but also to be in action.

The only thing that I would have added to this conversation is to acknowledge that while these conversations often, but not always, appear to be putting some elder leaders in place with words/criticism around inaction, I believe that it absolutely needs to be acknowledged that the years of seeming action which is actually working in treatment and in consciousness opened this door! Many of our metaphysical grandparents opened the door for this transformation. Were these conversations and the life-struggle acknowledged enough? No, not by today’s standards. However, we don’t live in an either-or-existence, unless we are living in duality. In a state of Oneness, we are here to say, all that came before us, opened the door and set the stage for this current desire/intention for transformation. This lineage of which I speak is not over, it is that which handed this powerful teaching to us so that we can discuss things like: Diversity, Inclusivity, Freedom, Independence, Equality, Equity, White Privilege and Fragility.

All the training, treatment, conversation and yes, arguing prepared the stage for this powerful investigation. In our current work at CSL North Jersey, we have taken time to value our ancestors and all that that applies while remaining aware that we and our way of being in the world - is the bridge to the future of our family and its impact.

To be a Change Agent, to support the change that creates a world that works for all means that we choose to learn about who we are and the consciousness we carry into the room. Evolution happens through us as the co-creators and instruments of possibility. The freedom that is possible, the freedom that we individually seek must be born of the seeds of change germinated from within.

For me, this is what is mine to do. I commit to be the clearest emotionally healthy being possible in every precious moment. I commit to owning my stuff and when tempted to take something personally, I instead look within and heal the trigger that I allowed to reside there. I commit to being an ally whenever and wherever appropriate, for all races and varieties of people. And on a very personal note, I commit to keep the conversation alive around sexual abuse of all kinds, to not stay silent and to be part of raising the emotional health of humanity toward this end. Lastly, I choose to recommit on a daily basis that I am the place where Love resides. And whenever this might be challenged, I shall rise up, do my work and be the all of me for myself, my children, grandchildren and all who are within my scope of influence. In this way I am an active evolutionary process happening - live time. For when I - or anyone - simply chooses to not take offense when offense is intended, that simple yet powerful act makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you to: Nick, Brian, Abigail, Amanda and Michael for stimulating this thought process.

For you, me and all – I stand in love.

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh Founding Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend and Citizen of Planet Earth

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