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Happy New Year

Today is a good and glorious day.

There is a Power and a Presence that ebbs and flows, creates and recreates out of Itself. It is non-local, undifferentiated, bold, beautifully stunning and always available in, though, and as each.

This beautiful undifferentiated stuff, right now by means of my words, begins to take form. It takes on my word to the degree of my faith and conviction which is mighty.

Today, I declare that I am open, available, ready and willing to live a life where I am fully expressed. Yes, the All of me and the Awe of me is free to express itself each and every moment of every day. The Power that governs this activity has full access to all of me because I willingly surrender to It and allow this Presence to be brilliant through me and as me.

I show up as an agent for change in this world. I show up to be the place where what was ceases and what’s possible begins. I take a stand for the life, liberty, and expression of every human being. My consciousness is in place for this shift, my beingness is in place and my actions flow out of this mindful activity. Life becomes increasingly more beautiful through my conviction to stand for my spiritual brothers and sisters. May we all rise together in this New Year. May we all feel and live from the fullness of our being. May life be good and glorious and amazing.

From a place of bountiful and unending gratitude, I surrender this word to that which Creates.

And so it is!

Michelle Wadleigh

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