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Living Leadership

The mind of a leader is not a simple thing. It is complicated beyond explanation, most especially when it involves the role of Spiritual Leadership. Being a leader announces that you are willing to stand aside, stand alone and stand either in front of those being led or behind those being led, depending upon your individual leadership style. When you agree to lead, it declares that you will take on a staunch commitment to the highest ideals even when it is not popular or well received.

Leadership means that you might be loved and appreciated, or you might just be respected. If you look at it through the lens of the Tao, you will be called to Living Leadership.

Reasons you should not move into Leadership:

· Don’t engage in leadership because you think you can do things better.

· Don’t enter leadership because you believe you know better.

· Don’t enter leadership because you are tired of the system or those in charge.

Become a Leader because:

· You are passionate about an idea or a value that you believe will benefit your workplace, place of worship or the world at large.

· You are willing to work harder, with and for others, longer hours and without acknowledgement.

· You are willing to honor your heart and your soul and make the tough calls that serve the highest and best in all who are involved. and the most involved.

· You are willing to look inside yourself, own your experience, pray, making changes first in your consciousness.

· You are willing to own the power of your own being in the most extraordinary ways. Never power over anyone but owning your intrinsic spiritual power to create/support transformation.


· Your ego to be your greatest challenge.

· To engage in the hard conversations as appropriate.

· To not always be liked, applauded or garner agreement.

· To offer and accept feedback whether requested or not, but when necessary.

· To try and fail and try and fail and try again, always growing those leadership muscles.

Some fear leadership because:

· When discernment is required, they fall into the trap of judgment and don’t like the way that feels.

· They prefer to be liked more than to hold the mirror up, so that others can rise.

· They avoid confrontation and forget that they can just have a conversation.

· They know they are living in the spotlight and are not comfortable there.

· They lack the confidence of their decisions.

· In taking responsibility it often feels like they are alone and oftentimes the target for blame.

Being a Living Leader is a call to greatness, to stop playing small. Yes, it is hard and sometimes you will want to throw your hands in the air and give up. But right then you will remember your “why!” You will remember your commitment to a high idea that is serving humanity and you will pick yourself up and start over because that’s what leaders do.

“Leaders are made, they are not born.” Vince Lombardi

All it takes to be a leader is to care more than most around you and to be willing to stand on the foundation of your faith and conviction. Try this on for size: Ownership creates authority! Yes, being willing to be in ownership of your responsibility: to do more, to pray and study continuously, to hold a hand when one is breaking, to be in fires of emotions while not allowing your spirit to get burned.

Being a Living Spiritual Leader is all of this while knowing that the Intelligence that is everywhere present will never, ever let you down and will consistently ordain your brilliance. Being a Living Spiritual Leader is the same as saying: Of myself, I can do nothing. But the power and the presence of the One expressing as me does all the work. When you humble yourself into a conscious state of surrender, you make room for Spirit to be your guide and your authority.

Leadership is harder than playing small, it is empowering because it is a call to stand for what you believe. It may frighten you to the core when you put yourself and your beliefs on the line. And it will deeply satisfy your call to serve when you give it your All.

Be a Living Spiritual Leader not to prove you are extraordinary but to do small or large things in extraordinary ways as you lift everyone around you. Embrace the call and the call will support and carry you. Engage everyone you can, see the greatness in people and then be patient, very, very patient. And most importantly, remember that you cannot lead beyond who you are being. Great leaders embrace the Leader within and allow It to be expressed.

You are wanted!

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