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Grow From self to SELF

A beginner’s guide to Practical Science of Mind

It is natural, normal, and divinely ordained to discover, love, and celebrate that ONE which lives within. You have all the skill, talent, intelligence, and intuition necessary to live an extraordinary existence. This Truth has been taught throughout the ages by every mystical teacher and they were probably equally frustrated to observe humans who deserve to live the fullness of their being, but were distracted by the influences outside of them that were contrary to this High Truth.

All students should be taught to begin with raising their sense of self, because all self-improvement begins with self-approval. Students are encouraged to use their newly acquired treatment skills to shore up their individualized self to one that will support developing a consciousness grown out of their self-worth.

From new student to expert, here is the focus:

INCREASE and PRACTICE: self-love, self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, self-forgiveness, and grow your self-awareness.

Choose to begin with the self and through practices of affirmations, watching your language, minding your mind, and spiritual mind treatment, you will enrich, grow, and enliven in you all the qualities of SELF that empower you to be more of you. Just like building a strong building, you must begin with your own FOUNDATION, this is your foundation. As we like to say, no matter the question, the answer is always, love yourself more. Through your increased self-love, a peace, calm and grounding become that which you stand on and grow out of. This means that the next iteration of you will be grown out of a you that you are consciously designing.

When you invest the time and energy required to grow your SELF, many other issues, problems, and distractions will easily and effortlessly cease. Yes, this is true. When you feed the SELF of you, many of the little human distractions simply cease to be. You see, problems only exist because the small mind is in place. A small mind is one that is distracted by feeling self-defeated and by speaking poorly of oneself. BUT, when you begin to embrace the SELF of your original design, you will speak from that place of total self-acceptance and confidence. A whole new world evolves out of that confidence.

A few simple how to’s:

-Treat daily! Don’t know how, get a book on the subject or subscribe to the Science of Mind Magazine, use a practitioner, and of course, take a class at any CSL Community. - Listen to yourself, really listen. Catch and change ALL self-defeating language. - Look in the mirror every morning, say: I love and accept you exactly as you are and as you are not. - Learn to practice daily meditation. How? Buy a book, look on YouTube, join a group on Meetup. - Read something affirming daily and watch videos and such that lift your spirit.

Self-love is the path and the destination that will always lead you to the Self that is born of your I AM. Accept your Divine Birthright today.


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