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Divine Disruption

Ask someone if they would love to live a life that is abundant, adventurous, fully expressed and wildly alive, most would say YES, SURE, ABSOLUTELY, OF COURSE! But, tell that same person in order to embrace the life of their dreams they will have to totally DISRUPT their thinking, behaving, and decision making, they might think twice about giving up what they know as familiar and comfortable. Assuming a bold and amazing life for one who was barely surviving, skirting by, and living a mediocre life, and telling them they have to live on the skinny edges of the branches and live a life of risk taking, and they might just choose to cling to what was.

It is common for individuals to attach to what is – no matter how uncomfortable and disappointing it might be – compared to the newer possibility simply because they are afraid to shift their thinking. Change, transformation, adventure, and living a wildly wonderful life calls upon us to be fearless in the face of Divine Disruption. What is Divine Disruption? It is when the greater, next version of you begins to seek expression, and in order to do so, it must break through the resistance and the sameness that you hold onto. Imagine the single flower that breaks through the rock and the cement because it must be expressed. Life must be expressed, and when it attempts to express through you, it will shake you to the roots of your belief system in order TO BE!

At that moment, when Life taps you on the shoulder with its invitation, you have two choices, and they are: NO, I’m not going, and you can’t make me, OR, YES, I am willing to be moved, motivated, inspired and transformed. Choose the first one and you will simply go on being who you are now, which is just fine. Choose the second and you will need to hold onto your hat and fearlessly accept and allow the disruption that wakes you up. You are going for a ride. The ride itself is not so scary, except that is not a ride that is familiar. This disruption will introduce you to your brilliance, your strength, and your gifts to humanity. Here, in the midst of this apparent disruption, you will come to know about yourself what is truly possible. You might just see you like never before!

Why are we so threatened? Because, humans cling desperately to the familiar. Because, what is familiar is how we have survived for centuries of time. Familiarity is how we recognized our own tribe, and being in our own tribe meant we would be safe. Now, there is enough evidence to the contrary that familiar is not always safe. Since this can no longer be assumed as a foundation for our continuity, let us embrace the new, the unusual, the different the DIVINE DISRUPTION. Let us allow our next greatest iteration to find us there in the midst of the chaos of change.

Let’s not tip toe around what’s possible and continue to color inside the lines, let’s take a broad paintbrush and dance across the canvas regardless of the lines. Give that deep whisper a bullhorn and let it OUT. Listen with your entire being and then stand with those nerves jumping up and down in the pit of your stomach and declare – HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME, I AM READY AND WILLING. Just remember to hold on to your hat and as you shed what is in the way you must also remember that you set this process in motion.

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