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Foundational Beliefs for a Transformed Life!

Often teachers of metaphysics or spirituality will begin a class, series, or workshop, by laying down some ground rules. These might be rules of engagement, agreements of confidentiality, or other ‘rules of sort’ that lie underneath the subject matter, providing a solid foundation for all future conversations.

During my years of teaching, I have developed several different life rules that I share at the very beginning of every class, or workshop, referring to them as pre-suppositions. Once you read my list of pre-suppositions you will know who I am as a teacher and what I offer my students in the classroom for their potential emotional expansion.

I thought these suppositions would make a great mini-series for my blog. Some of these suppositions will be easy to swallow and adopt, others will have you rear back in objection. There is nothing I can do about the latter. When adhered to, these suppositions can empower your life, and you can find greater personal freedom.

To begin, I offer you these Chosen Foundational Beliefs themselves, over the days following I will teach and explain their value and meaning.

My suggested presuppositions: Take time to contemplate and question what they mean.

1. No one is against you, even if they think they are!

2. You are safe. Life/God/Spirit is for you, working on your behalf – always!

3. If you feel it, it is yours to heal. (Feeling it = reacting to it.)

4. Never take anything personally, but if you do begin to take something personally, take time to grow from it.

5. Always be impeccable with your word, and know that you co-create your world from that word – both spoken and unspoken.

6. Protect your I Am closely. (Remember your I Am is the perfect prayer.)

7. There is a place within you that has never been hurt, harmed, or injured in any way. Return to and identify with this place often.

8. You are not at the mercy of what was, not now, not ever!

9. Your shadow is not dark or wrong or evil. It is simply a repository of your past. Your pure power exists on the other side of this shadow.

10. Your body is a barometer, learn to read this barometer.

11. Take 100% responsibility, not blame, for your world. Responsibility = Power!

12. Practice the highest integrity possible throughout your life. Simply, do what you say.

13. Seek ye first to understand, then be understood.

14. You are never alone.

15. There is only ONE and It loves you completely.

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