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God NEEDS You!

There is no corner on the market for brilliance, there are no new concepts, and genius is equally available to any interested, willing, and available soul who makes themselves available to it. The Infinite Intelligence that is everywhere available, all the time, avails Itself to each human equally, to the educated, and the ignorant. It doesn’t matter your religion, culture, or your sexual orientation. God, Intelligence, Life, Energy, call it what you want, is an unlimited source pouring Itself down, through and as you every moment of every day.

Really? YES!

But to demonstrate Itself, God needs you. Your YES opens the door, opens

the spigot of ideas, allows for a download of your next book, music score, or mathematical equation. You, saying YES is the difference between an ordinary and uneventful life, or an extraordinary life worthy of great stories and deep personal satisfaction. For those with a personal relationship with the Divine, individuals often confuse a belief in co-creation with God’s desire for you, as if God could desire something for you that you do not desire for yourself. This is of key importance and worthy to take into your contemplation because to believe that God acts for you without your involvement is to subscribe to duality. GOD AS YOU is the cornerstone of living a truly metaphysical life.

To experience God as you, you must be in relationship with the Divine, by any name. Your active relationship is your YES, this is how you stay available to It. Without you, your YES, and your willingness, God is left there as full undifferentiated potential. It’s left in the realm of the Formless and it waits at the ready for you, your YES, your imagination, and your word. God seeks a willing vessel because it must be invited in, to express Itself. Let’s get clear. God is full potential containing within It all the love, creativity, and power of this great universe. It avails Itself willingly and generously to all who seek Its expression, but It is at the mercy of that relationship and desire.

This is a very difficult distinction to understand, God – the all-powerful – being at the mercy of an invitation! It doesn’t seem to make sense at first glance. So, think of it this way, God is all that you are, all that It is, ONE, ONE, ONE, but if this is true, why is your invitation needed? Because you have the free will to say NO! And that is one of the greatest gifts to humanity, our free will and our ability to choose, and to say no or YES! Without the ability to not be available, we would be looking at a planned reality. For some, this might be what you believe. For those practicing the Science of Mind™, free will and choice is at the foundation of who we are and what we believe.

Open your heart and mind, speak your word clearly and definitively, declare your readiness and stand in the full celebration of how you are a vessel for this One!

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