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There is an old, very old, metaphysical term that is hardly used or recognized anymore. That word is chemicalization. There is nothing obvious about this word, or its meaning, unless you have been studying old school metaphysics, however, it is an extremely important concept to teach to the brand-new mind, the new student, and to remember for yourself.

Chemicalization is the result of what happens when you make a declaration to be a certain way or to have a profound change in your life, and then, quite suddenly, everything other than what you want begins to show up. Here is an example: You decide that you want to be a profound influence for Peace in the world, an emissary of sorts. Sounds good, right? Suddenly, a bounty of upsets, angry moments, anxiety, and frustration will be all around you. Everything appears to be falling apart. BUT NOT SO! You might think to yourself, what the hell happened? What did I do wrong? Or, you begin to think that all this metaphysical stuff is crap and it doesn’t work. Soon, the new student, at least without support, might throw their hands up in the air and just stop trying. By the way, this happens to advance students also.

BUT, what if all that seems to be going wrong is an indication that you are on the right track??? Well, the good news is that this is what’s happening. Once you make a huge life altering declaration your entire life is shaken up, this is an indication that your declaration is coming to fruition and anything unlike it is freeing itself from your experience. You are shaking free from what does not belong.

When we declare our good, all that appears to not support that good – MUST GO!

If you have declared that you want to demonstrate PATIENCE, opportunities for you to practice patience will show up in long queues and waiting for others. If you declare your PROSPERITY, initially you might be slammed with bills. If you want a PERFECT MARRIAGE, opportunities to learn how to communicate will show themselves.

THIS NEXT PART IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT for yourself, or a friend, if you see this happening. Don’t mislabel what’s happening. Don’t think that you have done something wrong. Look at what is happening with the knowing that you set this experience in motion with your declaration and it is natural and powerful. Ride out this activity with great faith. Stay awake and aware that this is the evidence of movement and shift. Go slowly and for God’s sake – do not judge yourself, you ARE on the right track. Just like when Michelangelo carved the David, anything that did not reflect his idea of David in the marble had – to – go! To find peace, your anger and judgment must go. To be loving all the time, your pettiness must go! To be a fabulous artist, your limiting self-assessment must go so you can free your imagination. An artist cannot doubt what’s coming through.

Chemicalization is a wave to ridden to the demonstration you have declared. ENJOY THE RIDE!

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