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How do you Identify Yourself?

Recently I put a post on Facebook stating: The problem with waking up is the accompanying realization about what a s**t you were before! I should have taken the blue pill!!! (Reference, the movie The Matrix.) This encouraged numerous responses, some who wanted to save me, but mostly the responses were from individuals who totally understood and have felt similarly.

How one identifies themselves is key to a fully expressed life, or a life of regret and shame. In order to live life by design and not by default we must exercise our ATTENTION. Not a new concept, but one worthy of revisiting. At every moment of every day, if you were to stop and pay attention, you have the option to notice your mistakes, regrets and screw ups, OR, if you are wise, you can pay attention to who you are becoming, who you choose to be and how you want to touch the world. I always include how because I want to encourage YOU to see the impact that YOU have upon the world.

Let’s go with that! Let’s look at our individual impact upon the world that is immediately near us and the world around us. Identifying yourself as a loser, for example, will never do anything positive or powerful for the world, losers only succeed in attracting pity, and together, this is a downward spiral. The same can be said for one carrying shame, regret, self-criticism, and all ideas of not being worthy. When you identify yourself with any ideas that are heavy, and pain ridden, your world will show up for you in direct relationship to how you identify your-self!

In the world within which my tribe functions, the Principle for this is: As Within, So Without, or As Above, So Below. In other words, our individual and collective world will be a reflection of what we believe and how we know ourselves to be.

NOW, the good news. With enough commitment to altering and exercising your attention, you can begin to focus on the You that you CHOOSE to be, you do not have to keep circling the drain of the you that lives within that is filled with regret. YOU ARE NOT JUST WHO YOU WERE, YOU ARE WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE. (This is elementary, but we forget sometimes.)

Likely, you have been working hard to be an elevated human. You are reading, and studying, and paying attention to the world around you so that you can be the person you choose. This new you, even if it is currently the attempt to be new, is as real and by far more important than the old you. Your identification needs to exist in this NOW moment and nowhere else.

In addition, if you really want to live the life of your dreams, you can take this one step further – because - your one and only identity is GOD. God, that which lives within you, that which animates your body temple, that which lifts, loves, and inspires you, that which is the All-Intelligence IS YOU! With God as your only Identity and Authority, your Essence becomes a reflection of the DIVINE!

Keep your intention set on Freedom so powerfully that all else fades away! Remember one single thought at a time makes all the difference in the world! May you find your wholeness.

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