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You Must Pay In COIN!

It is extremely important that we “spiritual types” come to understand something that gets overlooked and under appreciated within the New Thought community. Everything in life, absolutely everything, has a price; things that you want, experiences you would like to have, and who you would like to be in the world. Everything has value, and you must figure out what you are willing to give up for that which you desire. THERE REALLY IS NO “FREE!” Yes, the sunshine is free; the air that you breathe and the water flowing from the mountain tops, those things are free, but try living off them alone.

It is time for us to become very present to the value of life. Nothing comes to any of us just out of the blue. We have either worked for it by the sweat of our brow or our back. OR, we have paid for it in Spiritual Coin. Spiritual Coin is the energetics of your prayer and your faith. “But this is free,” you might say. I would say to you, “really?” I know of no one, anywhere in my life, who arrived at a place of high faith and conviction without first investing hours of preparation in a variety of ways including a combination of spiritual practices and healing work. Your Spiritual Coin, wisely invested, will return a life you are proud of and feel good about. But it is most definitely your job to stay aware of the fact that we spend some of our coin for every single thing or experience in our life. There is always an energetic exchange.

Money and credit cards are another form of Coin. These are the physical manifestation of the work that we have invested in our lives. If you were born into a substantial amount of money your Coin will be different than that of one who must earn their Coin, but everyone, everywhere, must pay. There is always compensation required for that which you want. Once you understand compensation, you can begin to ask yourself how much you are willing to give up to have that new thing?

If you have a massive amount of debt you have attempted to fool the system by gathering things before asking yourself this question, “How much of my Spiritual Coin am I willing to invest?” So, the debt hangs over your head creating stress and pressure. You either plan mindfully and pay in advance with patience and planning, or you pay afterward with stress, pressure and debt.

Notice how easy it is to get credit now. At this juncture, unless you have consciously attempted not to, you have a digital footprint in the world. All of your information is available to those who know how to acquire it. So, companies will give you credit by far faster than ever, because they know where you are, what you are worth and what your credit limit is almost before you do. No one can really hide today unless they are some sort of IT genius. If we stop and ask ourselves, not how much we want something but, how much of ourselves we are willing to exchange for this or that, we might make different decisions. Spiritual Coin is YOU. It is your energy. You cannot cheat the system; nothing is for nothing.

Your Spiritual Coin is part of your internal Spiritual Bank Account and just like the lovely children’s book about filling someone’s bucket, there are numerous ways that you make investments in your bank account and others. Acts of kindness will create a deposit in your bank account: forgiving someone and freeing them from what’s old, forgiving yourself, working hard and honestly giving more of yourself than you are paid, being a person of high integrity, caring for Mamma Gaia, loving yourself as a Child of the Beloved, etc. There are always opportunities to make deposits in your Internal Bank Account. Learning to feel really good about yourself is also a way of making a deposit. This creates some balance in your life and as you learn to feel good about yourself you will make wise decisions about how much Coin you are willing to exchange for something.

Between the time that you build up your bank account and begin spending your Coin, don’t let yourself forget that you invested a lot of time and energy in building up this bank account. You might be tempted to forget at the time of payment what it took to accumulate what you have. This is true for cash in the bank or Spiritual Coin invested in your Internal Bank Account. There is nothing for nothing. If you want that $5000.00 stereo system, the question is not about how wonderful it is and how great it works or how much you will enjoy it. The question is, “do I want to exchange my energy for this thing?” Or it might be, “Do I want to create debt and then have the experience of that debt as pressure in my life?” Providing high quality work for how you are compensated by another creates more in your own bank account.

When you have debt you are never free, remember that!

What I write here is not to encourage you to judge your wants and desires, it is an invitation to stay present to what your life costs. All of life requires some form of compensation, and Spiritual Coin is a great form of measurement. It applies to how much you pay for an item or a service, and it applies to the actions you perpetuate. There are acts that add to your bank account, and there are acts that make withdrawals; some make serious withdrawals. Who decides this you might wonder? It is built naturally into your very own belief system. You cannot out demonstrate your own values. We like to try and blame others for feeling badly about ourselves, but it is always our own values that we are either serving or betraying.

There is no mystery to increasing your inner bank account and to expanding your Spiritual Coin. Do the right thing, practice forgiveness, say you are sorry, love yourself more, care for your body temple, practice acts of kindness, and on and on… Basically, be the best YOU possible, and stay awake. Invest the Coin of YOU wisely.

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