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Itty Bitty Words of Power1

Some of the smallest words in the world can have the greatest impact.

When you begin your day thinking that you want your life to be different from what it was or what it is; what captures your attention, where do you get caught in the loop of thinking the same old thoughts? Between the time in your life when you decide to have your life show up differently and arriving at a place of satisfaction, there are things that you can do to set your life in the right direction. These things, these habits, are simpler than what you might think.

Try using these very simple and short words: No, Not Yet, Yes, and Now.

These simple, short, two and three letter words can support you more than you can possibly imagine. Let’s start with the word NO. It is often taught that all your language should be spoken affirmatively, but I am here to tell you that the word NO, used at the right moment, can prevent you from giving power to an idea, a person, or an experience right while it is in front of you. For example: NO, this is not my truth. NO, I am not accepting this. No, this is not my reality. Beginning with NO helps you to retrieve your personal power.

Do you see where I am going with these words? Let’s imagine someone says to you that you can’t afford something that you want, or you think that yourself – simply add NOT YET, to the end of that statement and you have just left the door open for possibility. Try it, add it to the conclusion of any sentence where you have been thinking that you can’t have something, add NOT YET and see how different it feels.

Now, while you are saying NO to keep something at bay, this really turns into a YES for what you do want. YES, is so important because it is necessary that you cultivate a place inside your heart and your subconscious to receive, accept, and allow. YES, affirms you and your life force. YES, declares your readiness, and NOW, well, that goes without much necessary explanation. We know that there is only NOW, there is only this moment in time. That is pure reality so when you are reaching, declaring, claiming your truth, NOW is your only option. Is there a gestation period? Often, yes, but that is not your concern. Your concern is that in the reality of time, there is only NOW.

­- In my experience as a prayer practitioner, I have had the opportunity to look squarely in the eyes of someone telling me their child had a particular diagnosis, and I said simply: Oh NO, we are not having any of that, with the full authority ordained upon me by Source. - When in my own mind I thought that I was never going to be ready to accept a great opportunity, I turned that into NOT YET, and then readied myself. - Needing to cultivate a life of possibility, I often use YES as a mantra to keep me open and receiving. - And NOW, well, that is the only time there is, so NOW is used with each new prayer and affirmation.

So imagine the impact of powerfully applying these itty bitty words just like the slow drip of water that carves its way through rock. Or the mosquito so small you can hardly see it but with the power of disturbing your peace. Not all powerful things are large. Apply & Enjoy!

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