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Worry - Not! Go for what you want!

As a teacher, I find it difficult to keep track of all of the lessons that I attempt to drive home well enough for individuals to get them. Because I have a regular Sunday audience, that is mostly not regular at all, this makes tracking my lessons even more complicated.

Lessons on “NOT worrying,” as well as the issues about worry, have been taught, spoken about, and referred to throughout my career hundreds and hundreds of times. But, we humans are very interesting. If we do not need the particular information being presented at that time or if it simply doesn’t seem to apply to us, we are fully capable of hearing it and forgetting it. The funny thing about this phenomenon is that even if someone was in the room the last dozen times that I referenced a subject there comes a time when they hear it for the first time. As a teacher, my job is to be patient and teach the concept again and again and to keep my sense of humor throughout.

Worry steals your live energy.

This brings me to a very important metaphysical lesson that is so basic and yet missed by so many: worry. It cannot be over stressed that I would say that it is right up there with gossip, complaining, and judging.

Let’s look at what you are actually doing when you are worrying; something I am certain you do because you love someone and want their life to be healthy and work. When you worry, you are actually picturing someone in a limited way over and over again. If they are sick, you might imagine them to be suffering. If they are alone, you might worry for their safety and imagine what could go wrong, which is an investment in wrong. Using your conscious mind to worry -- because that is what you are doing -- and your imagination means that you are utilizing the exact same tools that metaphysicians use to co-create the world. Yes, the exact same tools. DON’T LET THIS GET BY YOU. Worry = creating what you don’t want. Worry = praying for what you don’t want. Worry is an effective yet damaging investment in pain and suffering; yours and theirs -- the person who is the object of your worry.

Once you realize how worry does not achieve any of the goals that you desire, it is also important to recognize that all that worry lands in your heart and mind and weighs heavy on you. You will suffer because of your worry. Now both of you are receiving the ill effects, oh my! No, this is not good.

Is this the effect you were going for? Of course not. It takes discipline to cease this practice, but once you understand that every moment of worry is a moment invested in co-creation, in the very same way that Affirmative Prayer Works, you will take the time to learn and practice.

What can you do? Turn it around. Ponder upon this individual how you love so much with a sense of love and confidence believing in their possibility. If you love someone, you will learn to look past their limited experience and imagine them healthy, whole, happy, prosperous, and safe. This is critical for the parent of a new driver. When your child begins to take the car out on the road alone for the first time, surround them with thoughts of love and safety. What is important to remember is that the person you are now holding high will feel different, in a good way, even if they don’t know why.

IMMEDITATELY replace all of your temptations to worry with a collaboration in someone’s possibility. Use this when tempted to worry: I recognize my beloved, friend/husband/wife/daughter/son/(whoever) as whole, safe, and healthy. Every single time a contrary thought comes up, say this again out loud. And remember most especially, don’t worry about yourself, the results of the blood tests, the test you are taking, or for your livelihood. Hold yourself high with great optimism, believe in YOU!

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