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It’s the In-Between Moments that Matter.

Love when it is not convenient and your world will change!

Incongruent with my way of responding to life’s events, this past week another school shooting happened in Texas, and you heard nothing from me. This is why. . .

I will no longer choose to be governed by current events. As a metaphysician, I hope that you understand what this means. I will not allow my emotions to be at the mercy of drama. I will not be moved into action by the lowest common denominator. AND, I suggest that you consider this an invitation to do the same.

Let me spell out what I am asking you to consider. . .

It is understandable for any of us to react to tragic and dramatic events. It’s reasonable, if you are a feeling and empathic person, to feel for anyone affected by events such as school shootings. And the truth is, whether we are directly affected or just witnessing the events on television, we are affected. Our lives are all changed by these events. It affects how safe, or not, we feel in the world. It causes us to make different decisions about where we are willing to live, and likely, if we are not conscious enough, these events can cause us to create our own type of racial profiling.

We are more than our reactions!

If you are a true student of metaphysics and the Science of Mind then you have within you the ability to choose to live by design and not by default, to choose to act and not simply react. The moments that matter regarding these horrific events are the moments in-between the events. These events are not likely to stop any time soon, so we must WAKE UP. The world-at-large needs to collectively mature before that can happen, but, you and I, and every awake and aware individual, actually do know what to do. The question remains: ARE YOU DOING IT?

What can you do?

Learn through study and application to have tough and crucial conversations. When appropriate, gently challenge those who quietly, or sometimes loudly, demonstrate bias. Take yourself to a higher level of showing up in the world through your spiritual practices, study, and application of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Be in action when action is called for by encouraging others to be awake – gently of course. Practice forgiveness so you don’t drag your old life into your current life and so you can let go of current life events, and not add to the baggage of your life. Practice the simple yet extremely powerful practices of non-judgment, non-gossip, non-complaining, and most definitely non-blaming. Invite people of another race or religion into your home for dinner. March when it matters. Be extremely careful about the movies and books that you expose your children and grandchildren to. Participate in peace vigils when TIMES ARE PEACEFUL.

Be the Peace You Want to BE. Be the kindness you want to experience. Be accepting in the same way you would like to be accepted. Reach out to those who are at the mercy of our cultural faux-pas. Lend a hand, and on and on and on – IN BETWEEN, in this now. Don’t wait to be prompted, be the solution now.

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