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Create by Intention - not default!

Create Your World through your Energetic Intention!

Within our metaphysical, New Thought communities it is known, or at least considered, that we create our world through our energy/vibrations/consciousness. Knowing this calls for us to be very mindful when thinking about anyone; when we think of one lovingly, or when we are challenged. In this way, we are being responsible for how we contribute to all of life. We do not want to set unconscious thoughts free because we acknowledge that our thinking/intending has power and we encourage students to speak about, and think about, all others in a responsible and kind manner. We teach this because we know that we create through our conscious and unconscious considerations.

Cultivating mindfulness in ourselves and our children is extremely important when you consider that we really are all connected – all ONE – without exceptions. So, when we think into Mind we create – period. Through this action we add to the culture of humanity. Let’s do so mindfully, kindly, and responsibly.

Consider this: When you wake in the morning - get out in front of your day. Before getting out of bed in the morning, create your day and free your intentions right there and then. Pre-select how you would like your day to go. Choose wisely, remember, you are always creating.






We co-create our world by the power of our focused and unfocused attention and choice by choosing wisely and consciously. Ernest Holmes has reminded us over and over again that our life is the result of our consciousness. Actively using your consciousness to create life is an artform. In addition, Holmes tells us that focused thought is more powerful than unfocused thought. Practiced metaphysicians experience the life they choose to see, not by what happens to show up in front of them, but by setting their intentions.

So, go and practice this with a gentleness. Live in right relationship with the world around you. Right relationship is a deeply spiritual, responsible, and meaningful way to live. When we are in right relationship we are considering how all things affect one another. We consider our impact upon the world, upon other humans, all living things, and the environment. While setting your intentions free, learn to anticipate the impact of YOU and then move slowly into your day.

Let’s live wisely, responsibly, compassionately,

and in right relationship with ALL.

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