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Not new but still true. . .

We are not here to play small. Small is only a concept that humans created to put things in perspective, but it should not be something that we can use to discuss who we are or how we show up in the world. To be small would imply that we can be measured. The I Am that you are is all there is. The I Am that animates you cannot be contained, controlled or compared to anything because it is All That Is.

Anything less than everything is a misdirection of our attention. How can you be less when you are ALL? That which permeates every cell of your body temple is that which created your body temple. That which beats your heart, also whispers to you through your inner wisdom as your voice. Your voice and the voice of Life is ONE voice. Your will and the will of the Divine is ONE will. The inspiration that wakes you in the night to write or draw or to ponder upon something is the same inspiration that caused Martin Luther King Jr. to stand in the front of the march, for Jesus to never deny his truth, for the Buddha to leave his home of outer riches and for Dali to paint the obscure.

One voice, One will, One inspiration, One love and It avails Itself to you, AS YOU and nothing less.

Don’t doubt, never doubt, it is futile to doubt. When you look for it, you will find that there is always enough evidence that Life is working for you on your behalf. You doubt only because your sight is too limited. If you could really see the full spectrum of life on a line of continuum, you would be able to see that more often then not, you heal, rise above and workout what needs to be worked out. You struggle because you haven’t cultivated your foresight. How do you develop greater foresight? Develop faith! But to develop faith, you must practice letting go of your need to see how you are going to get there. Instead, trust that the whole path, to the finished outcome is already complete.

Take that ONE next step! Then the next and the next – take it knowing that something is working for you on your behalf. Knowing that there are resources known and not known seeking to show up for you and through you. Not playing small means that you stay aware of the vast amount of resources that are available to you, living at the deepest core of your being. These sources show up as wisdom, creativity, compassion and so much more. They are always there. It is your job to develop the faith that these resources will avail themselves to you as needed on the spot.

If you are anything like me at all, and your desire is to leave this earth a better place than when you are arrived, then you are called to blaze a trail of light and love and possibility. BUT DO NOT LET YOURSELF PLAY SMALL. You must breathe the breath of glorious inspiration and allow this to be your every day truth. Bask in the light of your Allness, it is who you are, by your own Divine Birthright!

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