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Our Reach as Practitioners

Friday Morning Musing February 16, 2018

From Holmes Lessons in Spiritual Mind Healing

The whole process of evolution is to produce a being who can consciously co-operate with the Evolutional Principle, which is Pure Spirit. At first, we are ignorant of this because we have not realized that Spirit is at the root of every form.

Gradually we are brought to the realization that we are some part of this creative order. Gradually that which seemed to be imposed externally passes under our conscious control. This happens in such degree as we become consciously aware of the immediate Presence of Reality and our relationship to It. In this way we pass from bondage into freedom.

From me

Stephen Covey referred to growth of leadership as expanding your Circle of Influence. In New Thought, we refer to it as expanding our Field of Consciousness.

Our Field of Consciousness is our ability to influence change in a non-directed manner. This is what we carry into the room. This is how we think and feel about others when not in conversation with them or not. This is the vibration that we put out throughout our life awake or asleep. Our Field of Consciousness affects the world around us and it is WHO WE ARE.

This is why I do what I do and why it is my desire to lift, love and support every practitioner who wants to be of greater influence. YOU AND I AND OUR TEACHING AND OUR VIBRATIONAL, SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE IS NEEDED. YOU are needed, but the healthy, whole you, not the reactionary angry you. One will empower you to be of greater influence, the other will suck the life out of you.

Not that being angry is wrong, it is the emotion that prompts change, it is simply not sustainable. Together, we are here to expand our Field of Consciousness which is our Circle of Influence, let’s do so consciously.

AND be very aware how much of this happens in your silence – at an energetic level – at the level of prayer and meditation. This is your Seat of Power, use it wisely. Reality check: WE ARE AFFECTING PEOPLE ALL THE TIME, LET’S DO SO CONSCIOUSLY!

Abundant love to you. As always, I am here for you.

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