Silent NO MORE

To those who care and who read my words, I cannot at this time open my mouth unless that which comes out is meaningful. In our lifetime, whoever we are, we have seen enough evidence of stupidity, ignorance, blame, shame and pain deflected onto innocents and a world populated with those who simply do not know how to manage their inner world. In reaction to their inner turmoil, those individuals lash out. We witness this collective inner turmoil out-pictured in the world as chaos and cruelty in addition to natural calamities and man caused disasters in our world and in our financial foundation. Ignorance and greed are alive and well. I can no longer be the minister who is “NICE”. Perhaps, my


DISCLAIMER: This article was written before all of the current events. I am posting it anyway because it is going to be the foundation for my Sunday talk. I am not in anyway looking away from the affairs of the world. You will hear more from me about all of it. To say that life is stimulating is an understatement. There are myriads of attention-grasping thoughts and options to distract us from ourselves, our authentic self-expression. Trying to be who you are while not trying to win approval of others takes an abundance of self-love and self-acceptance. Loving yourself as you are and as you are not is an important part of your journey. To identify and develop an ongoing relationship with you

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