George Floyd

KNOW HIS NAME! KNOW HIS FACE! And then, let yourself get very, very mad, sad, and irate. Why would I, a Religious Science Minister, tell you to do this instead of saying – pray, meditate, and forgive? Because sometimes you just gotta get mad first. Anger has a purpose when effectively used. It is a stop gap, a game changer, a launch pad for a new possibility. Who am I speaking to? My white friends, white congregants, white family, white people at large. If you are not mad you have not been educating yourself in the inequity of this country. If you are not mad, you probably have not been touched by the pain of this sanctioned response, which is too familiar, too common, and too excused. Oh y

Control: Real or Illusion

As Spiritual students and New Thought adherents, we often like to think of ourselves as being in control. However, Covid-19 appears to have a different idea in mind and has taken on the role of being our teacher. Now, know that you do have a choice in that matter. You can accept Covid-19 as your teacher or you can kick, scream, reject and suffer in your objection. Control is considered innate in the mind of metaphysicians from all walks of life, however, it is not that simple. We tend to think that taking responsibility for our lives is equal to having control. Alas, it is not! Metaphysicians in general could benefit from the practice of surrender. Once again, however, resistance may sur

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