Confession of a White Girl

White, proud and over 21! A statement that left my lips mindlessly at a time when I thought all people were equal and when I thought being color-blind was something to be proud of. This was another time, an ignorant time, an uneducated time for me. This and other mindless quips often left my lips in a time gone by, sayings that were racist in their creation although I was clueless to that fact. I didn’t feel like a racist, I didn’t carry prejudice in my heart, after all, I found black men attractive and I have black female friends. Wasn’t this proof enough? NO. NO. NO. No, it was not and is not enough. For my ignorance I apologize. WAKING up from ignorance is a painful path most specificall

Curiosity is a Surprising Cure

TRUE CONFESSIONS – I have a long history of being very, very judgmental. The effect of being judgmental is deep and painful and creates a limiting life experience - most specifically within relationships. As a metaphysician and one who practices living in the world from the inside out, it was a painful awakening to discover that I was the cause of my broken relationships. The reality, that all the chaos of my relationships was born from my belief systems and judgements, caused me to WAKE up, take responsibility and change my ways. I am thankful for the truth that anything that I create, I can recreate through my word. What saved me, however, is my internal NorthStar - that place within me

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