Don’t you just love typos! I know I do. I love typos because when I find them in print, I get to feel so superior. And that feeling of superiority is most certainly a bit addictive. The time I enjoy it the most is when I find it in a highly edited book. Oh my, yes, I must be wonderful and smart if little old me can find a typo in this serious book. BUT THEN, oh my, when I am on the other side of those good ol’ typos. Yikes! Well, here’s the truth, I make mistakes! How about you? Do you make mistakes? Are you horrified or amused by your mistakes? Do you see them as forgivable, or do you hang your head in shame? OR, are you one of those people who believe in perfection so much that you edit, e

Being Human

Being human does not necessarily ensure equal rights and privileges – the evidence is all around us. . . You are not an- “other,” you are my brother, you are my sister. WE might not look alike, sound alike or worship in the same way, but none of that matters. What matters is the way you and I show up when we are standing across from each other on different sides of an issue. Can we stand across from each other without being against each other? Can we listen, disagree and still express respect? I say, “Yes we can, and we must!” In order to make this world a better place for all, we must move beyond certain things. We need to relinquish our judgments, any sense of righteousness that causes u

Leave yesterday THERE!

So much of the pain that you feel has been lodged in your body temple and your subconscious. All of it is buried so deep you have been unaware of its existence. Some of it has integrated into your muscles causing unexplained pain that sends you flying to the medical industry for care and pain relief. The pain, which has landed in your subconscious, informs your psyche, your decisions about life, your self-concept, and all of this happens at an unconscious level until the time comes that you raise your self-awareness. Unaware and unpracticed in the art and science of metaphysics, some individuals turn to solutions of form to meet the demand to be relieved of pain. This is understandable, but

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