Ten quick tips for Conscious Parenting

There are hundreds of quality books on the market right now to support individuals who want to raise their children in a conscious and empowering way. This blog is a simple follow-up to my article about Parenting and Science of Mind. Try these tips and let me know what works: Behavior vs. beingness. When your children give you a reason to discipline, always separate all your comments about their behavior from their beingness. Commenting on behavior is necessary to guide them at times but we simply do not want to add doubt to their self-image. Because you create your world through your words, it is important to remember that your words directly influence your children in ways you may never fu

Parenting & Science of Mind

Once we give birth, we want, wish, hope, dream, beg, pray and if necessary, cajole the Gods of our belief system just to know that our children are and will be okay. Those of us practicing the Science of Mind, have a complicated idea to be committed to, because we only want freedom of mind and life expression for our children. And if this is so, we cannot demand or require that they follow us into our Centers. Since we are a teaching without sin or directed shame, all we can do is the very best that we can as we push them out of the nest and trust that Spirit as them will guide, support and carry them forward. By the way, knowing this doesn’t stop us from secretly hoping that they do follow

When I'm 64 or 62

For many years, people would look at me in shock when it was revealed that I was mother of a 37-year-old. Those days and those comments are gone now. Every woman my age knows of what I am about to speak. The day when you notice, no one noticing and people simply ignoring you and calling you ma’am. Well, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. The beauty of being ignored is the freedom to move stealth-fully through the world watching and observing human behavior while those you are watching don’t even know you’re there. Humans and the youthful are fascinating and being free to watch them up close and personal is a sheer joy. The other thing that 62ish affords you is the freedom is say pretty much an

Being Evolution

To my Caldwell, New Jersey Community in Caldwell, and to anyone who follows my work or reads my blog: Please read and watch. This is my contribution to a wonderful, informative and stimulating webinar that I just viewed - the same one I am requesting that you watch. Today, amid a very busy day, I chose to invest 56 minutes to listen to this extremely powerful webinar produced by five Leaders of our Science of Mind Movement. (I am purposefully not using any adjectives regarding age or “up-and-coming.” They are current leaders in our movement, including: Nick Hemmert, RScP of Mile High, Colorado, Rev. Brian Akers, Oneness CSL Columbia, Rev. Abigail Schairer, CSL Seattle, Amanda Ganley, RScP li

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