Breaking Free from Assumptions

Don Miguel Ruiz, through his book, Four Agreements has made popular the idea: Don’t make assumptions. It is certainly a wise piece of advice. This, however, is also a complicated agreement to adopt since many assumptions are deeply hidden in our unconscious belief system to the degree that we are unaware of their existence or power. In our lack of awareness, beliefs get woven into the fabric of our being so completely that we are blind to them. This includes how normal racism, bigotry, ageism, nationalism and all other types of “isms” have become. The way we treat women, men and children is partially due to the result of deep-seated, unconscious beliefs, habits and assumptions. Unchallenged,

Happy New Year

Today is a good and glorious day. There is a Power and a Presence that ebbs and flows, creates and recreates out of Itself. It is non-local, undifferentiated, bold, beautifully stunning and always available in, though, and as each. This beautiful undifferentiated stuff, right now by means of my words, begins to take form. It takes on my word to the degree of my faith and conviction which is mighty. Today, I declare that I am open, available, ready and willing to live a life where I am fully expressed. Yes, the All of me and the Awe of me is free to express itself each and every moment of every day. The Power that governs this activity has full access to all of me because I willingly surrende

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