Don't Join IN

Here is a simple tool for transformation, one that will surprise you but one that is as easy as breathing. If you are reading this, it is likely that you are a spiritually-practiced human, a metaphysician of sorts, and you are dedicated to being a change agent in the world. But are you ready to take on and practice one of the simplest tools that we have? It works like this: if you are near an individual who is bitching, moaning, complaining, gossiping or finding fault – DON’T JOIN IN! Don’t agree in any way. That’s it! That simple. This is not just for when you are overhearing complaining, it is also about when someone entertains limiting ideas of themselves or anyone else. If your friend i

Divine Disruption

Ask someone if they would love to live a life that is abundant, adventurous, fully expressed and wildly alive, most would say YES, SURE, ABSOLUTELY, OF COURSE! But, tell that same person in order to embrace the life of their dreams they will have to totally DISRUPT their thinking, behaving, and decision making, they might think twice about giving up what they know as familiar and comfortable. Assuming a bold and amazing life for one who was barely surviving, skirting by, and living a mediocre life, and telling them they have to live on the skinny edges of the branches and live a life of risk taking, and they might just choose to cling to what was. It is common for individuals to attach to wh

Foundational Beliefs for a Transformed Life!

Often teachers of metaphysics or spirituality will begin a class, series, or workshop, by laying down some ground rules. These might be rules of engagement, agreements of confidentiality, or other ‘rules of sort’ that lie underneath the subject matter, providing a solid foundation for all future conversations. During my years of teaching, I have developed several different life rules that I share at the very beginning of every class, or workshop, referring to them as pre-suppositions. Once you read my list of pre-suppositions you will know who I am as a teacher and what I offer my students in the classroom for their potential emotional expansion. I thought these suppositions would make a gre

WWJD – not this, that’s for sure!

Another personal blog! 2018, a time when attendance in Christian Churches is declining but, atheists are growing in numbers and opening ‘churches’! People are identifying themselves as spiritual, but not religious and a great number of individuals according to statistics believe in some kind of God and pray sometimes. Here in New Jersey the largest attendance in churches is still in Catholic churches – I was surprised by this factoid. I was brought up in a home where religion did not exist, was not practiced and never discussed, neither was God, Jesus, or what one would do to be grounded in this world in the face of so many challenges. And, there was no conversation about what it meant to be

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