Worry - Not! Go for what you want!

As a teacher, I find it difficult to keep track of all of the lessons that I attempt to drive home well enough for individuals to get them. Because I have a regular Sunday audience, that is mostly not regular at all, this makes tracking my lessons even more complicated. Lessons on “NOT worrying,” as well as the issues about worry, have been taught, spoken about, and referred to throughout my career hundreds and hundreds of times. But, we humans are very interesting. If we do not need the particular information being presented at that time or if it simply doesn’t seem to apply to us, we are fully capable of hearing it and forgetting it. The funny thing about this phenomenon is that even if s

It’s the In-Between Moments that Matter.

Incongruent with my way of responding to life’s events, this past week another school shooting happened in Texas, and you heard nothing from me. This is why. . . I will no longer choose to be governed by current events. As a metaphysician, I hope that you understand what this means. I will not allow my emotions to be at the mercy of drama. I will not be moved into action by the lowest common denominator. AND, I suggest that you consider this an invitation to do the same. Let me spell out what I am asking you to consider. . . It is understandable for any of us to react to tragic and dramatic events. It’s reasonable, if you are a feeling and empathic person, to feel for anyone affected by eve

Create by Intention - not default!

Create Your World through your Energetic Intention! Within our metaphysical, New Thought communities it is known, or at least considered, that we create our world through our energy/vibrations/consciousness. Knowing this calls for us to be very mindful when thinking about anyone; when we think of one lovingly, or when we are challenged. In this way, we are being responsible for how we contribute to all of life. We do not want to set unconscious thoughts free because we acknowledge that our thinking/intending has power and we encourage students to speak about, and think about, all others in a responsible and kind manner. We teach this because we know that we create through our conscious and


Not new but still true. . . We are not here to play small. Small is only a concept that humans created to put things in perspective, but it should not be something that we can use to discuss who we are or how we show up in the world. To be small would imply that we can be measured. The I Am that you are is all there is. The I Am that animates you cannot be contained, controlled or compared to anything because it is All That Is. Anything less than everything is a misdirection of our attention. How can you be less when you are ALL? That which permeates every cell of your body temple is that which created your body temple. That which beats your heart, also whispers to you through your inner wis

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