Through profound compassion, I will support you in becoming the fully expressed YOU. The you that you are meant to be. The work is deep and can sometimes leave you a bit raw but just like building muscles, as you recoup, you are stronger, more potent and ready to embrace your fully expressed self. Socrates said: To know yourself is to have the keys to the universe. It is my belief and my personal experience that the beauty and potency of life becomes more available to you as you dive into the depth of your being and become intimately familiar with that which informs your way of being.  

My expertise is in creating a safe atmosphere that allows individuals the space to open up to avail themselves to their own natural skills and talents. 

Master Teacher

All teaching must be relevant. All teaching must be applicable to the self of the individual in the moment. As a teacher, I care about the Whole you and how you show up in the world which means, I care very little about what you think you know and more about the Truth of your being-ness.

Even the most powerful leaders need someone to love, guide and support them. That person that will listen intently to all of your experiences. When you can purge what is in the way, the best of you can flourish. Leaders need to be listened to and not judged. They need a place to work out their thoughts and reactions, so they can return to their flock feeling complete. I can do that for you, you will feel heard. You need a place to let go without having to explain yourself, a safe place to be heard. There is an art to listening so that one will share openly. When you are heard, completely heard, shift happens.

Leadership Champion