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As a metaphysician, I look beyond the physical evidence that most of the world calls real. We always have a choice, and mine is clear. I will not collude with your less than, but I will collaborate with the potential possibility that is you. I have walked on the dark side of life, I have been the recipient of unskilled behavior of family members. I have made mistakes that I must live with and I have known the feeling that comes from not having enough money to pay for the food as I am trying to purchase it. 

So, what did I do with these facts as my reality? I learned to love myself exactly as I am. I practiced forgiveness for myself and all others in my life. I learned to be my authentic self without explanation or shrinking back. In other words, I became comfortable in my own skin. What followed seems miraculous. Life got sweeter, easier, more loving, creative and abundant.


My approach is to love you until you can love yourself, to hold the light until yours is bright enough, to see your brilliance when you are doubting yourself and to provide the safest possible atmosphere, so you know the power of complete unconditional acceptance.  In working with individuals, I have learned that when they feel safe, they automatically grow and excel. Your strength and perfection has always been there, you have simply been distracted.

There is a place within you where you have never been hurt, harmed, or injured in anyway. There in that place is your true essence. This is your identity, your authority. Together we will discover this place so that you may dwell in your perfection.

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